Chaplain’s Corner


Covid has kept many of us locked down, masked, isolated, and frustrated for the last 15 months although it was only supposed to last 15 days. As an American, I see our civil liberties being eroded and stolen from us, the same liberties we enlisted to defend and give our lives for if necessary. But although darkness seems to prevail my hope does not flounder because I know the Lord is in control, ultimately using evil to bring about good to those that know Him. Our country was founded on the idea that our rights and liberties are God-given, in Who’s image we were created in. As members of the American Legion, we are still called upon to serve our God, our nation, our communities, and most importantly to me our fellow veterans, many of them homeless and unable to reenter society and to adjust to civilian life because of what they have gone through, seeing the evils of war and destruction and fellow brothers in arms paying the ultimate price of their lives on the battle fields around the world.

It is this reason I am asking all District 19 Post Commanders to please send me the names of those members who have transferred to Post Everlasting this past year or two that they may be recognized for their service. Please provide name, service branch and date of transfer to Post Everlasting.

Our glorious and loving Heavenly Father, we call on you to accept unto Your Eternal Kingdom those preceding us that belong to You, that we all may one day be reunited to dwell with You forever. I also pray for the health and welfare of all fellow veterans in our communities and that You give us the love to reach out unto those suffering, to render service unto them as needed to help them integrate back into society. Amen